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Any person whether in service or otherwise who has attained the age of 18 years and is interested in the social cause as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association is entitled to become member of the Sanstha. In addition, any other person who is interested to promote the objectives already defined, can also become a member. The Sanstha has three types of memberships namely:
  1. Founder Membership: Those who have established the Sanstha, are the Founder Members. These members pay subscription towards founder membership. The maximum number of Founder Membership is 21 (Twenty One).
  2. Life Membership: Those who will seek life Membership of Sanstha will be called Life Members. These members will pay one time subscription and will not be liable to pay monthly or yearly subscription. All the 21 Founder Members may opt for this membership, if they so desire. In addition, a maximum number of 30 members shall be enrolled as Life Members.
  3. General Membership: Those who wish to become General Members can obtain this membership for which the membership fee will be payable annually. Founder Members shall be eligible for this membership. A maximum number of 60 (sixty) members shall be enrolled as General Members. These 60 members shall be in addition to the Founder Members.
The Sanstha will also have 5 (five) honorary members who shall be benefactors and distinguished persons. These members will be decided by the Governing Body of the Sanstha.

The members of Sanstha will pay subscription as follows:

(a) Founder Membership - Rs.1100/- (one time)

(b) Life Membership - Rs.5000/- (one time)

(c) Yearly Membership - Rs.500/-

The members will have following rights:

  1. All Founder Members shall have equal right in the Sanstha to vote in the elections as well as equal right to fight elections for any post in the Sanstha and hold any office of the Sanstha on being elected thereto.
  2. Life Members (other than 21 Founder Members) shall have right to vote in the election. He/She may propose name for unanimous selection, but the member will not have right to fight elections for any post in the Sanstha. However, such member can be nominated as adviser. The member is also entitled to get benefits listed under infrastructre facilities.
  3. General Members (excluding Founder Members) shall neither vote in election, nor fight election for any post in the Sanstha. However, these members can be associated with any working committee for the specific task. Mbr>
  4. All members, including general members shall have equal right to attend Annual General Meeting. However, the general members shall attend other meetings on invitation. Such members can avail benefits as mentioned under infrastructure facilities.