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SSMS (Shri Sai Manavotthan Sanstha) always believes in diversified initiatives for providing immediate relief at the grass root level to those suffering from mental illness and are in dire need of assistance. These initiatives are made highly result oriented, attractive and different from the routine ones which are usually taken by various NGOs. SSMS is a charitable organization and works differently than NGOs. In this process, the Sanstha has evolved a concept of starting activity based WELFARE BANKS first time in the field of social service. These BANKS are meant for creating funds to provide free facilities to the targeted group. Following are the areas chosen for such BANKS.

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1. Free Medication under AUSHADHI BANK

The main focus is to provide free psychiatric treatment and medicines to the ailing member of poor families on prescription of qualified Doctor. The poor families are recommended by a Government Hospital/Renowned Psychiatric Institutions based on their family record as well as by the SSMS members after judging the family background and their earning resources. The credibleness of poor families is verified by a core team of SSMS, and finally the family is adopted for free medication. Only medicines prescribed by the Doctor are provided. In case the ailing member suffers from any other acute disease, free medicines for that ailment are also provided. Money is never paid to the adopted family to buy the medicines.

2. Free Clothing under PARIDHAN BANK

The basic objective is to provide free new clothes to the poor mentally ill person(s) and adopted families to cover and protect the physical body by arranging clothing and beddings etc. In order to ensure optimum use of funds collected for the purpose, no monetary assistance is made available, only clothing, blankets, bed sheets etc. are given according to their essential needs. The blankets are also distributed in late hours in the night to those who are suffering from cold and found on pavements and streets.

3. Free Food under BHOJ BANK

The main objective of this Bank is to provide free nutritious, neat and clean balanced food to the poor mentally ill person(s) and adopted families. The assistance is provided to limited needy adopted families and lepers depending upon the availability of funds with the Sanstha. Only eatable commodities or food is provided under this activity as per the requirement of adopted families. Distribution of rice is a regular feature of lepers.