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Why Shri Sai?

At the time of constituting the Sanstha, none of the members was having any kind of experience in the field of mental illness. However, the strong desire and dedicated efforts of the members brought all fellow members together with an idea that a beginning should be made. But the question was, "How". In such a tought situation, where the track was not visible to move a step further, it was suggested that the assistance of a divine power may be taken up. After having considerable debate and discussing various options, it was agreed that the divine power should be such a personality who himself has sacrificed for the upliftment of humanity, who has setup examples of serving humanity without prejudice to religion, caste, rich, poor etc. Incidentally and luckily, only the personality of Shri Sai Baba was found to be the glorious and best for such a cause.

Shri Sai Baba was a great saint who never believed in any particular religion, caste and custom. He used to believe only in serving the humanity with the feeling of benevolence without selfish motive. He spent his entire life to help poor, ill, sufferers, and his devotees during hardships. Baba's simple life, high thinking, gentle behaviour, benevolence, belief in truth and kindness to the creatures were great qualities. This philosophy encouraged all the members of SSMS to join hands together. They were of the opinion that by adopting such qualities, they can move ahead and work shoulder to shoulder. The Sanstha can progress only by following the path of truth, and this truth can be inculcated in the heart of members with Baba's blessings only.

Sai Baba's fundamental principle "God is one" (Sab ka malik ek) also encouraged members to adopt his thought and working style. All members determined to follow the path of truth without selfish interest, work together towards achievements of goals and objectives of Sanstha, with full devotion, sincerity, honesty and provide best physical financial and moral support.

Since Sai Baba was a great help to the poor community, the members decided to work for poor mentally ill people in the first phase under his umbrella. They also decided to render their services free of charge.

Baba has done many miracles to fulfill the desire of his devotees. During the difficult times and hardships, either he gives solutions or shows a way out not by his physical appearance, but through indirect indications.

The similar situation arose when the thought process of establishing an organization for poor mentally ill persons emerged. Some of the members prayed Baba to help in this venture. The members met the Manager of Lodi Road Sai Temple, New Delhi to enquire about establishing a New Sanstha and explained the objective. The Manager said, "You may create a society, if it is feasible. It is Sai's work, you should have determination and honesty, the work will automatically progress. You need to start it only. You will never know, how it is progressing, provided you work with devotion and sincerity." These words seem to have come from Baba. Immediately, it was decided that an organization should be created and registered which will be known as "Shri Sai Manavotthan Sanstha".


There are many Governmental as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at national and international level engaged in providing social services to the society. For instance, Helpage India, Child Relief and You (CRY), Plan International, Blind relief Association, Orphanages, organizations for physically handicapped etc. However, there are human beings who are suffering from mental illness and have lost their mental equilibrium. They do not have any kind of physical, financial and moral support. They are still awaiting help from the society, especially those who are roaming on roads, streets and pavements and known as 'Mad Persons'. Although, the Government has established mental hospitals, institutes for mental health, psychiatric departments in Government Hospitals, yet these are not enough to take proper care of such persons suffering from mental illness. This results an increase in number of mentally ill people who ultimately come on the roads.